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2LS Limited delivers GRIP, the usable recruitment software solution
Moderator contact: [email protected]
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"When we were building the GRIP recruitment solution we needed a cost-effective, scalable database that could manage a wide variety of customer scenarios from one man bands to large multi-site operations. Firebird offered us a solution that was able to meet all our needs both now and into the future", Neil Thompson, Managing Director, 2LS Limited. 2LS Logo

Company information

Recruitment software specialists 2LS Limited is the company behind GRIP the usable recruitment solution. GRIP is for businesses looking for a recruitment software system that is flexible and easy to use. Its simple design makes it possible to have multiple windows open and switching between them very quick and easy.

To an efficient recruitment consultancy, time is all important. GRIP features; such as dragging and dropping single or multiple records between windows and hot links between clients, candidates and vacancies, will improve your consultant's efficiency.

Problem description

When GRIP was being developed 2LS recognized that the system was going to have to be able to grow as the business did and would need to cater for recruitment agencies of varying sizes from small start-up operations to larger multi-site organisations. Many recruitment agencies can be adding hundreds of client and candidate records and associated CVs on a weekly basis and the growth can be significant. This quickly leads to large volumes of data that need to be search quickly and efficiently to enable the right candidate to be matched with a vacancy.

"A fast response and accurate matching are essential to our success, our consultants needed a flexible and powerful recruitment database to enhance the way they work and to give them a competitive edge. GRIP gives us that advantage", David Bloxham, Managing Director, GCS Recruitment.

Recruitment is a fast paced and highly competitive environment. Multiple agencies may be working to fill the same vacancy and the agency that can match the job with the best candidate the quickest will be the most successful. To do this requires recruitment software that is both quick and easy to use.


GRIP was designed to provide the best user experience from both a functional and technical point of view. Designed by recruiters to mirror their way of working GRIP is free and unrestrictive and enables a consultant to concentrate on their job, finding the best matched candidate for a vacancy, rather than being held back by the system.

The right SQL engine

Underpinning this was the need for a fast, stable and standards driven, SQL database. After an evaluation of the market 2LS selected Firebird as being best suited to meet its needs. Since then database sizes have grown rapidly to holding tens of gigabytes of data over multiple companies and users. Firebird has proven itself to be a highly efficient database ideally suited to the storage and quick retrieval of recruitment data.

Technical details

GRIP Recruitment Software

Minimum Hardware Requirements: Server with 2Gb RAM, 50Gb of free disk space
Operating systems supported: Linux, Windows
Users supported: 250 users on average
Average database size: 5Gb
Firebird version: 2.1
 GRIP Logo


2LS Limited
1 Wesley Gate
70/74 Queens Road
+44 845 685 2230
[email protected]