Name, Title and Company : ¿Hoy Qué Hay?.info

Link :

Opinion : ¿Hoy Qué Hay?.info is a local events startup growing fast in Latin-America. Information about concerts, parties, theater etc. Technologies used are Firebird SQL, C#, ASP.NET MVC. Reasons for choosing Firebird are: open-source, cross-platform, high performance and easy administration.

Contacts : [email protected]

Name, Title and Company : Kevin Morris, Director of JETLYT Corporation

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Opinion : I have been using Interbase since late 90s and Firebird since it was open sourced. SQL standards compliant, very fast, even on small servers, super reliable. A mission critical Firebird DB I built survived a server with a cracked motherboard that caused 200 blue screen/auto hard reboots over a period of four days. IT team finally found the problem changed out the motherboard and the Firebird DB hummed along just fine (no corruption). Largest DB I built: 12 GB, one third of a billion records (every elevation of 1KM intersections of the surface of planet Earth). Small early 2000 technology server produced 200 look ups per second. Very impressive on that tiny hardware. Most number of users on one Firebird app I built: 600 with about 250 concurrent connections. (Military application)

Contacts :

Name, Title and Company : Arkadia Real Estate, ceo

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Opinion : Arkadia manage more than 12 000 000 real estate properties around the world with for exemple around 200 millions pictures in just one table! off course all of this inside the firebird database engine. With this big amount of pictures in the database, we faced few problems but thanks to the Firebird support we was fastly able to correct them (ie: create a pool of parametized query for exemple and not only a pool of connection).

Contacts : Stéphane vander clock

Name, Title and Company : Nethelp

Link :

Opinion : Usamos Firebird desde la versión 1.5. Tenemos varias instalaciones con bases de datos de entre 2Mb y 31Gb. Desarrollamos software para empresas de transporte de carga industrial y paquetería en Chile con mucho éxito. Firebird es una base de datos robusta y que ha dado excelentes resultados. Esperamos pronto esté liberada la versión 3.

Contacts : Fernando Cortés

Name, Title and Company : CEO

Link :

Opinion : We have been using Firebird since version 1.5 ( because of SavePoints at the beggining ), at that time no one else but Oracle supported it as far as we know. Since then we ported our initial App from Interbase 6.5 to Firebird and never use any other DBMS. So far we have more than 700 customers in Venezuela. We produced an ERP for Pharmacies and Drugstores. Our DBs sizes are between 1 GB and 20 GB. Firebird run FAST, STABLE and the PSQL is strong. Thanks you all.

Contacts : Alfonso P. Martí

Name, Title and Company : Microtec Communications, France

Link :

Opinion : We have been using Firebird since Interbase 5, and we have always found it to be the best : lightweight, easy to install, no management, fast. Now, with the many changes made by the Firebird project, it's better than ever. We use Firebird for all our 100+ custom development solutions, with databases up to 20GB or more with no problems.

Contacts : Jonathan Neve

Name, Title and Company : Venus Software Operations

Link :

Opinion : A very good RDBMS for businesses. We have used it for our softwares ranging from ERP to custom applications. Even for single users applications! A low maintenance and efficient database that has features of most of the paid RDBMSes that one would require for programming an application. It can only get better, so keep up the good work FireBird team. Thanks!

Contacts : Bhavbhuti Nathwani

Name, Title and Company : Game statistics on my own web site

Link :

Opinion : I use Firebird since FB 1.5 version. For my web side i use FB2.5 to provide game statistics. DB size is 82 GB and use embedded server. Firebird is fast also on minimal environment like 4GB RAM! I use it also on company with very high load like 17 000 000 new records per day with updates to many tables - but this is better to describe in "case studies" then "Testimonials" which i include in near feature.

Contacts : konwertuj at

Name, Title and Company : Developer

Link :

Opinion : We have been using Firebird since version 1 (now using 2.5) and have found it fast, reliable, stable and very quick and easy to install. What's more the support on the Firebird newsgroups is fantastic.

Contacts : Maya Opperman

Name, Title and Company : Cointec, Gestlab

Link :

Opinion : Our product Gestlab is a Laboratory Information System installed in more than 100 customers in Spain. We have databases from 1Gb to 40Gb, with 10-150 concurrent users. Some DB grows more than 12 Gb/year with more than 200000 transactions/day. Firebird is installed in Windows server systems, some of them over VMWare. The application is developed in Delphi, with a web module developed in c#.

Contacts : Jesús Ángel García Zarco

Name, Title and Company : Repostor, software for backup and recovery

Link :

Opinion : Software developer company who creates backup software to protect firebird with IBMs TSM. Data Protector for Firebird using IBM Tivoli Storage Manager has helped many customers around the world.

Contacts : Tomas Dalebjörk

Name, Title and Company : E4-SibCOTES implements ISTOK-SBK software system at Novosibirsk CHP-3 plant

Link :

Opinion : E4-SibCOTES software system at Nazarovskaya GRES collects data from unit control boards, heat meters produced by Logika company and Firebird database. The software system displays on-line mnemocircuits from unit control boards and diagrams with process-dependent parameters.

Contacts : [email protected]

Name, Title and Company : Firebird, una base de datos a todo terreno (4WD)

Link :

Opinion : Llegue a Firebird, cuando buscaba la función "substring" en interbase 6 y no la encontré. Si estoy hablando de Firebird 1, desde ahí, nunca me he separado de ella. Hasta hoy, tengo software corriendo aún con la versión 1 en linux y nunca he tenido problemas. Con tamaños 200MB-8GB windows, linux, solaris, versiones 1.0, 1.5, 2.05 (Delphi DBX, JAVA). Estoy con Firebird desde su nacimiento y espero ver que muy luego este disponible como servicio PaaS. Desde Concepción, Chile, Saludos a todos y felicitaciones al Team Firebird. Jorge Medina Puedo compartir mi experiencia con ustedes [email protected]

Contacts : Jorge Medina

Name, Title and Company : Zona Software SRL

Link :

Opinion : Trabajamos con Firebird desde la gestion 2005 con resultados excelentes en el area financiera, tenemos mas de 20 clientes (empresas) de nivel mediano como Cooperativas de Ahorro y Credito como a nivel Academico. Nuestros servidores en un 90% son Linux SUSE 10.3 hasta 11.4 y jamas volvimos a reinstalarlo, jamas tuvimos un corte por fallas del Firebird, Nuestras bases de datos estan desde los 200MB hasta ya los 5Gb y todo SUPER. Saludos a todos desde La Paz - Bolivia - Sudamerica

Contacts : Gustavo Diego Ochoa Paniagua

Name, Title and Company : Nikola Rajevac, OFFICECOM Belgrade

Link :

Opinion : I am using Firebird for six years now in my accounting and WMS software, and on the web sites, and it has always been an easy tool to solve various business problems very, very fast! I always wait for the new version to come and see all good things it brings.

Contacts : Nikola Rajevac

Name, Title and Company : Portal Plonsk

Link :

Opinion : Portal Plonsk - local website with classified ads, town map, web directory, and news. We use Firebird 2.5 on FreeBSD / PHP. Thanks Firebird!

Contacts : Jaroslaw Glowacki

Name, Title and Company : Stonito Software

Link :

Opinion : I am using Firebird since version 1.0 for my Point-Of-Sale solutions, and I have always been completely satisfied with its performance, even in very busy environments. I love the compact package and easy inclusion in installation package with any install makers. It is fast enough, compact, little demanding (on disk and on memory), reliable, and easily manageable. I always upgrade my software to work with newest Firebird SQL server (now it is 2.5), and I am always pleased with useful new features...

Contacts : Toni Stojev

Name, Title and Company : Post offices in Russia (more than 50000 post offices) use Firebird

Link :

Opinion : Post offices in Russia (50000+ offices) uses Firebird SQL (1.0 and 1.5). Developer's web-site:

Contacts : Alexey Kovyazin

Name, Title and Company : Translation Management Software for Translation Agencies

Link :

Opinion : Our popular products - Projetex and Translation Office 3000, are powered by Firebird 1.5. Advanced International Translations (AIT) – leading supplier of translation management software for translation agencies and freelance translators worldwide. Since 1998, AIT developed 11 software tools for translators and translation agencies. The software by AIT enhances translation workflow management of 700+ translation agencies. Thousands of freelance translators worldwide use one or more of translation management tools made by AIT.

Contacts : Volodymyr Pedchenko

Name, Title and Company : TTSOFT, Vietnam Software JSC

Link :

Opinion : TTSOFT is a software company in Vietnam. We current use Firebird & Delphi technology. Our products have been developed since 2004, include many solutions ex: Garment, Accounting, Hospital, Logistic,... We appreciate Firebird's Power. It makes our job (development, installation, deployment) easier. Keep going Firebird!

Contacts : Trịnh Ngọc Tuấn (TTSOFT Dev)

Name, Title and Company : Benguet State University, Software Enginner

Link :

Opinion : I've developed several system with Firebird as our database and it delivered more than what I expected! We have clients ranging from 2 to more than 100 concurrent connecting to our Firebird database, storing from 10MB to more than 10GB and it is stepping up to the task! Thanks Firebird and more power!

Contacts : Reynante Marrero

Name, Title and Company : Passfield Data Systems

Link :

Opinion : Firebird's industrial-strength capability and reliability, together with its zero cost, have been essential elements in our company's increasing domination of our market. We provide sophisticated, feature-rich, production and trading systems to horticultural producers and wholesalers. The Firebird Project's management and collaboration structures have stood the test of time, and have provided as great, or greater, reliability, stability and technical support than any of the commercial databases which we originally considered for our project. This gives us great confidence for the coming years, as we continue to help our clients transform their productivity and lower their costs.

Contacts : Roger Vellacott

Name, Title and Company : Director

Link :

Opinion : We have been working with Firebird since the first version. With thousands installations around the world, I can say that Firebird works really well. Small footprint, inexpensive, robust and powerful are some adjectives. Our software is delivered by the Internet, so in most cases the user installs and maintains the software. Our products work under different scenarios: embedded, network and web server. We could not afford the calls to tech support if Firebird was not such an excellent database.

Contacts : Xavi Márquez

Name, Title and Company : HUTSOFT Nigeria Limited

Link :

Opinion : Firebird RDBMS has completely changed the way our customers handles and process their records. To us at HUTSOFT, we regards Firebird as the mother of all RDBMS's. Many thanks to all those supporting Firebird across the globe.

Contacts : Mustapha Abubakar

Name, Title and Company : Cyber Sea Incorporated - Barbados

Link :

Opinion : Cyber Sea Inc. develops client server software for customers using Delphi, Ruby, Java, Scala and Python. We have written applications for the construction, transportation, Government, tourism, insurance and telecommunications sectors. The one common denominator is the database behind all of these applications is Firebird. We have applications using Firebird versions from 1.5 through to 2.5. Firebird has never failed us.

Contacts : Thomas Clarke

Name, Title and Company : WarmBoot Informatica

Link :

Opinion : Along the years, WarmBoot developed software for several different business areas. Its main software is an ERP devoted to resellers of medical and surgical products. Our software products use Firebird as database engine, due to the easy installation on Windows/Linux, small footprint, pain-free configuration/administration, and excellent performance.

Contacts : Carlos H. Cantu

Name, Title and Company : CAIO Sistemas & Métodos Ltda

Link :

Opinion : Firebird gave us ability to work with dozens of companies simultaneously, it ensures quality, flexibility and low cost of maintenance. Firebird is the foundation of our projects.

Contacts : Caio Oliveira

Name, Title and Company : Data Inspector, Cox-Colvin & Associates, Inc., USA

Link :

Opinion : Data Inspector is an internet-enabled environmental database application build from the ground up using Firebird. The database is bullet proof, fast, and flexible. The project was on the back burner for years because we couldn't justify proceeding with development due to the high entry cost associated with other databases. The excellent work and dedication of the Firebird community makes this project possible. We applaud your efforts!

Contacts : Craig A. Cox

Name, Title and Company : VipXo, Performance indications for manufacturing system, Dubost Automation France

Link :

Opinion : Dubost Automation develops software for measurement productivity of production lines. Our software uses Firebird database since 2003. We are very pleased with Firebird as it is simple to deploy, robust, efficient and economical.

Contacts : J-Pierre Dubost

Name, Title and Company : The Wine Cellar Book - shareware

Link :

Opinion : We are using Firebird SQL since 2003 for our shareware application. Most installations are single user for which we use the embedded engine, we also have some multi user installations which use a full server installation. Being able to develop one code base to be used for both i.e. "simple" single user setup and for a full server setup is a big plus for us. We had started with Firebird SQL version 1.5 and have later upgraded to 2.0, then to 2.1 and are currently using 2.5. In all these years with a few hundred installations we have never encountered any database related problems.

Contacts : Werner F Bruhin

Name, Title and Company : Code News Fast, Newsgroup Search Engine

Link :

Opinion : We switched from InterBase to Firebird SQL in 2009 and have not looked back. Our newsgroup database is over 14gb. Developers worldwide query the indexing and content databases daily. Firebird SQL runs on CentOS 5.5; the web application runs on Windows (for now).

Contacts : Ann Lynnworth

Name, Title and Company : Inprox, estudio de ingeniería

Link :

Opinion : Nosotros usamos Firebird en todos nuestros desarrollos sw. Lo llevamos empleando desde el año 2003 con excelentes resultados. Nuestros productos se implantan en pymes y las características de firebird: ligereza, escalabilidad, alto rendimiento, licenciamiento, etc. Se acoplan como un guante a todos los proyectos, sean grandes o pequeños. A diferencia de otros productos, firebird no da ningún tipo de problemas, lo cual favorece enormemente el desarrollo y la implantación.

Contacts : Carlos Pobo Herrero

Name, Title and Company : Consic Software Engineering

Link :

Opinion : Consic develops software for quality management. Our software products help our customers to improve in what they do. Firebird is used as the only database backend for all of our products, because it is fast, simple, solid, low footprint, inexpensive and fulfills all our requirements for industry quality software. We couldn't afford to receive support calls for database issues all the time - and in fact there are no such calls. We use Embedded Firebird for the demo versions that prospects can test and this allows us to use the same database and application code for the demo as for the full scale networked app.

Contacts : Stefan Heymann

Name, Title and Company : ProfitMed, Medicine

Link :

Opinion : ProfitMed has the main office in Moscow, an office in Sant Peterburg and 14 regional offices that serve more then 7 thousands of customers such as pharmacies and pharmacies networks in Russian Federation. ProfitmMed runs ERP, which uses Firebird 2.5 database, with 400 users and 75 Gb in size.

Contacts : Alexander Shaposhnikov

Name, Title and Company : QuickEasy Software, South Africa

Link :

Opinion : QuickEasy MIS, used by hundreds of small to medium sized printers and manufacturers, runs on the Firebird database. Firebird makes a big contribution to the success of our business because it's free, it's fast, it's robust (our clients seldom if ever have data corruptions), it's super-easy to install and it supports both Windows and Linux.

Contacts : Heinrich van der Vyver

Name, Title and Company : Firebird was my salvation

Link :

Opinion : A year ago we were using Paradox as data storage and we had several problems. We were looking for a solution, and were not able to find one, until I heard about Firebird, I asked myself what is it? I looked for more information and to my pleasant surprise I found that it was identical to InterBase and it's free. Migrated at the time and it was my salvation and the salvation of my business. Thanks Firebird!

Contacts : José Nilton Pace

Name, Title and Company : Baucenter, Russian retail network

Link :

Opinion : Baucenter is Russian federal retail network. They have 9 shops in Kaliningrad, Omsk, Krasnodar, 9000-15000 square meters each. Firebird is used for ERP to manage all business processes in the company.

Contacts : Alexey Kovyazin