Available inDSQL, PSQL, ESQL


'TODAY' is not a variable, but a string literal. It is, however, special in the sense that when you CAST() it to a date/time type, you will get the current date. 'TODAY' is case-insensitive, and the engine ignores leading or trailing spaces when casting.



  |select 'Today' from rdb$database
  |-- returns 'Today'
  |select cast('Today' as date) from rdb$database
  |-- returns e.g. 2011-10-03
  |select cast('TODAY' as timestamp) from rdb$database
  |-- returns e.g. 2011-10-03 00:00:00.0000

Shorthand syntax for the last two statements:

  |select date 'Today' from rdb$database;
  |select timestamp 'TODAY' from rdb$database;