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Appendix A: Document History

The exact file history is recorded in the manual module in our CVS tree; see

Revision History
0.1 2 Nov 2003 PV First draft published under the title How to get and build the Firebird manual module.
0.2 31 Jan 2004 PV Entered sources in CVS.
1.0 8 Mar 2004 PV First official release on Firebird website.
1.1 26 Feb 2005 PV The following changes have accumulated between March 2004 and Feb. 2005:
Added note on error messages during PDF build.
Added info on building subsets and non-English sets.
Added note on need to post-process PDF builds.
Changed title to Getting and building the Firebird manual module.
Numerous minor improvements.
Added document history and revision number.
Licensed this work under the Public Documentation License.
1.1.1 8 April 2005 PV Added some titleabbrevs for presentational purposes. Contents as such unchanged.
1.2 9 Feb 2006 PV Removed “Firebird” from title of 2nd section.
Added information on where to get the build libraries, since we don't commit those to CVS anymore.
Created subsections for build parameters; added information on building other base sets and setting parameters in build.xml.
Changed docwritehowto link to ulink, as the articles will be in separate PDFs from now on.
1.2.1 15 May 2006 PV Replaced (3x) and (6x) with to reflect new situation at SF. Also added “on one line” above two examples that are now line-wrapped in the PDF.
1.3 17 Jul 2006 PV Changed all sectN elements to section.
Shortened ID of Introduction and assigned IDs to its child sections.
Spelling matters: RDMS -> RDBMS, parallell -> parallel, OS'es -> OSes, CD's -> CDs, wil -> will, envvar -> envar, linewrapped -> line-wrapped.
In section SSH checkout using command line CVS, 3rd listitem: converted <quote> around “username” to <replaceable>, changed “SF username” to “SF user name”, and also wrapped “username” in the command example in a <replaceable>.
In section SSH checkout using other clients, item cvsroot: wrapped “username” in a <replaceable>.
Gave the note in Building the HTML and PDF docs a title, and added a sentence to the second listitem.
Corrected rev. 1.1.1 date in document history: 2004 -> 2005.
Added large section on improving the PDF.
1.4 3 Aug 2006 ND Added warnings about firewalls and port 2401 plus how to cope when SourceForge changes your password.
1.4.1 23 Aug 2006 PV Added warning against checking out over a pre-existing local copy.
1.5 5 May 2007 PV Apart from the manual module, is there any other Firebird documentation? – Changed 2nd paragraph and list with links.
Do I really have to build the docs myself? – Changed 1st paragraph and removed all the links that followed.
Where to get the tools – Changed text throughout this section because we now download stuff to manual/lib and manual/tools.
How to set up the environment for the build – Change of wording in 2nd list item.
Building the HTML and PDF docs – In the note at the end: changed text and added link in the 2nd list item.
Building subsets with -Drootid – Changed the paragraph that starts with “How do you know the ID?
Building a different base set with -Dbasename – Mentioned addition of papers set.
Advanced topic: Improving the PDF – Updated introductory paragraphs, including defects listing.
General repair scheme – Updated last list item in the Notes box.
Widowed headers – Heavily edited and id added; also moved part of content into new subsection When there is no DocBook ID.
Spaces in filenames, URLs etc. – Deleted.
Split table rows – Altered title, added id, altered Problem and Cause paragraphs.
Overly wide horizontal spaces – Added id.
Inserting zero-width spaces – Added id, slightly reworded the first two list items and removed the third.
Squeezed, truncated or otherwise messed-up page-sized content – Added.
XSL-FO references – Changed FOP version number in last paragraph.
License notice – (C) 2003–2006 -> 2003–2007.
1.6 24 Oct 2009 PV Checking out the manual module – Added warning against placing the local copy in a path with spaces or other “URL-unsafe” characters. Placed warnings in itemized list, gave warning element an explicit title, and changed the paragraph above.
Building the HTML and PDF docs – Added warning against path names that may change by URL-encoding, and provided a workaround. Gave ids to the five subsections.
Building subsets with -D[root]id, Building a different base set with -Dbase[name], Setting default values in build.xml and How the PDF is built – Replaced -Drootid with -Did and -Dbasename with -Dbase throughout these sections.
Building subsets with -Did – Changed first paragraph.
Building a different base set with -Dbase – Changed paragraph starting with “Meanwhile...”.
If things go wrong – Inserted a paragraph on the problem with URL-unsafe characters in the path name.
When there is no DocBook ID – Gave this subsection an id.
Inserting zero-width spaces – Changed wording of second list item.
License notice – (C) 2003–2007 -> 2003–2009.
1.6.1 26 Oct 2009 PV Building the HTML and PDF docs – Fixed the IDs of this section and five of its subsections, which contained the word “buidling” instead of “building”:
  • docbuildhowto-buidling-output-docs
  • docbuildhowto-buidling-non-english
  • docbuildhowto-buidling-subsets
  • docbuildhowto-buidling-other-basesets
  • docbuildhowto-buidling-defaults
  • docbuildhowto-buidling-conclusion

If things go wrong – Fixed link to Building the HTML and PDF docs: buidling -> building. In the same sentence, the words “at the end of” have been changed to “in”, because the link target is not at the end of the section (it's just before the first subsection).
When there is no DocBook ID – Removed ID attribute from title element, because it was a) unnecessary, and b) a duplicate of the section ID and therefore illegal.
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