October 2018 to January 2019

January 2019
New development:
  • Completed refactoring the replication support and merged it into v4
  • Fixed missing monitoring for the crypt thread
  • Fixed monitoring for non-privileged users
  • Avoid infinite loops during inner join optimizations
  • Fixed the database left attached (and the engine not unloaded) after error thrown from the beginning of the attach process
  • Fixed CORE-2440, CORE-5118, CORE-5900 (expression indices contain NULL keys after restore)
  • Fixed unreliable check for view vs table
December 2018
  • Attempted to fix DDL replication by regular user and ADMIN role
November 2018
New development:
  • Improve diagnostics for unexpectedly disabled replication
  • Fixed MSVC12 build issues
  • Fixed CORE-5070, CORE-5795, CORE-5845, CORE-5965 (optimization issues with compound indices vs ORDER BY)
  • Fixed CORE-5395: Invalid data type for negation
October 2018
  • Fixed possible corruption of the monitoring shared data
  • Reworked solution for CORE-5612
  • Fixed the regression I introduced priorly
  • Fixed server crash while preparing a query with both DISTINCT/ORDER BY and non-field expression in the select list
  • Backported CORE-5434 (RO transactions could avoid force-writing TIP and header pages)

Dmitry Yemanov

Penza, Russia