September to December 2021

December 2021
New development:
  • #7049: Make savepoint statements pure DSQL, without being backed by BLR
  • WIP: ResultSet::getInfo() implementation
  • WIP: IN (list) optimization
  • #7070: Error 'BLOB is not found' while replication converts INSERT into UPDATE for a conflicting record
  • #7057: Client-side positioned updates work wrongly with scrollable cursors
  • #7056: Fetching from a scrollable cursor may overwrite user-specified buffer and corrupt memory
  • #7052: Races between transactions on the primary side may cause update conflicts while applying journals to the replica
  • v4.0.1 release notes
November 2021
New Developement:
  • #7051: Network support for bi-directional cursors
  • WIP: IN (list) optimization
  • #7048: Incorrect releasing of user savepoint (older savepoints become inaccessible)
  • #7034: Scroll cursor server crash
  • #7033: BlockReader misses sanity checks
  • #6995: Unexpected string truncation error after restore (postfix)
  • v3.0.8 release notes
October 2021
New Developement:
  • Restore simpler signature for node methods
  • #7015: Applier may crash if replication block contain no savepoint operations
  • #6995: Unexpected string truncation error after restore
  • #6989: Invalid message in replication.log (and possibly crash in the case of synchronous replication) when the target DB has no its replica flag set
  • #6727: Synchronous replication to localhost hang on disconnect (postfix)
  • Return NULL (as documented) instead of empty string from REPLICA_MODE for non-replica databases
  • Fixed double release of the attachment (postfix for #6886 by Alex)
September 2021
  • #6975: Crash or hang while shutting down the replica database if segments are being applied
  • #6934: SQL SECURITY DEFINER does not affect the ownership of created DDL objects
  • #6856: Fixed permissions and ownership during DDL replication
  • Fixed races after renaming on Classic. Mark the segment as full immediately after filling (frontported)


Dmitry Yemanov
Penza, Russia