October 2018 to January 2019

  1. FB4 Beta2 release including creation of chroot-ed environment for FB4 linux 'official' builds.
  2. Fixed mapping of non-utf8 user names (CORE-5926).
  3. Fixed restore of encrypted databases on classic server (postfix for CORE-5808).
  4. Fixed use of curvy brackets in regular expressions of trace configurartion (CORE-5907).
  5. Implemented windows user group conversion to firebird role (CORE-5639).
  6. Make WIN_SSPI plugin produce keys for wirecrypt plugin (CORE-5948).
  7. Fixed CORE-5950: Deadlock when attaching to bugchecked database.
  8. Fixed CORE-5966: Slow performance when executing SQL scripts as non-SYSDBA user (FB3 only).
  9. Added buil-tin functions supporting various encryption algorithms (including RSA with keys generation and various symmetric cyphers, (CORE-5970).
  10. Added wire crypt plugin using ChaCha cipher.
  11. Fixed CORE-5973: Handling FP overflow in double precision value when converting from decfloat.
  12. Fixed CORE-5939: Crash for "gbak -se -b database nul".
  13. Make codebase build using gcc 7 & 8.
  14. Fixed CORE-5985: Regression: ROLE does not passed in ES/EDS (specifying it in the statement is ignored).
  15. Fixed bugs related to UDF deprecation (in backward compatibility UDR library & DB upgrade script).
  16. Regular documentation work.

Alex Peshkov
Yaroslavl, Russia