February to May 2019
  1. Implemented CORE-4726: REcreate user <user_name> password <user_pwd>
  2. Implemented CORE-6049: Builtin functions converting binary string to hexadecimal representation and vice versa
  3. Implemented CORE-6069: Show OS-specific error when entrypont is not found in dynamic library
  4. Linux installer enhancements (better tommath support, replication support)
  5. Android port enhancements - make FB binaries support more Android devices (use of PIE format)
  6. Fixed CORE-5888: Firebird server on Android has problem with numerics
  7. Fixed CORE-6009: Files /tmp/firebird/fb_trace_* get unexpectedly lost
  8. Fixed CORE-6015: Segfault when using expression index with complex expression
  9. Fixed CORE-6027: Server hang on new attachment right after trace session stop
  10. Fixed CORE-6028: Trigger on system table restored in FB3 database and can't be deleted
  11. Fixed CORE-6031: Little memory leak in isc_attach_database
  12. Fixed CORE-6038: Srp user manager sporadically creates users which can not attach
  13. Fixed CORE-6045: Segmentation fault in fbtracemgr when closing it using ctrl-C
  14. Fixed CORE-6064: Segfaults when procedures are permanently created, altered and dropped
  15. Fixed CORE-6071:  Restore of encrypted backup of database with SQL dialect 1 fails
  16. Took care about fbtcs tests suite to make it match actual engine state.
Alex Peshkov
Yaroslavl, Russia