October 2019 to January 2020

New features

  1.  Added SET BIND statement - universal tool to solve datatype compatibility issues at client side
  2. Added wire crypt plugin using ChaCha cipher
    -- Added various ways to get infomation about wire crypt plugin name:variable in rdb$get_context(), field in mon$attachments and tag in Attachment::getInfo()
  3. Ensured correctness of firebird.pas with timezone support
  4. Make it possible to use database encryption key (known to the client) in any connection to the server without modifications of end-user software


  1. Fixed CORE-6000: Make gbak's command line switch "-fe(tch_password) ..." work correctly when run as service.
  2. Fixed CORE-6163: Generator pages are not encrypted
  3. Fixed CORE-6186: Original content of column which is involved into ENCRYPT() is displayed as distorted view after this call
  4. Fixed CORE-6203: Segfault when using non-default authentication plugin
  5. Fixed CORE-6141: fbsvcmgr action_repair rpr_list_limbo_trans does not show list of transactions in LIMBO state
  6. Fixed CORE-6212: Authentication plugin on server may get garbage data from client instead empty packet
  7. Fixed CORE-6208: Grant lost in security.db after backup/restore cycle
  8. Fixed CORE-6221: Posssible memory leak due to incorrect allocFunc() for zlib
  9. Fixed CORE-6227: isc_info_svc_user_dbpath always returns alias of main security database instead one actually used by services connection
  10. Fixed CORE-6218: COUNT(DISTINCT ) leads FB to crash when there are duplicate values of this field
  11. Fixed CORE-6238: DECFLOAT: subtraction Num1 - Num2 leads to "Decimal float overflow" if Num2 is specified in scientific notation and less than max double ( 1.7976931348623157e308 )
  12. Fixed CORE-6237: Fixed performance issue with SRP plugin (added connections cache)
  13. Disable simultaneous access (in posix-only, not documented) to read-only database from multiple processes in SS mode that caused a number of bugs inside engine
  14. Use correct error codes if double precision value had been overflown when casting to it from DECFLOAT


  1. FBTCS support (make tests match FB4 reality)
  2. Built of 3.0.5 src, linux & android packages.
Alex Peshkov
Yaroslavl, Russia