February to May 2020


  1. Implemented CORE-6268: Add methods to set various names (field, relation, etc.) in metadata builder
  2. Implemented CORE-6279: Put options in user management statements in any order


  1. Fixed CORE-6189: Building bundled libtommath fails
  2. Fixed CORE-6260: Warnings not always displayed in ISQL
  3. Fixed CORE-6248: A number of errors when database name is longer than 255 symbols
  4. Fixed CORE-6219: DECFLOAT values and queries with ORDER BY and/or windowed (analitical) functions failed
  5. Fixed CORE-6265: mapping rules destroyed by backup / restore
  6. Postfix for CORE-6110: always store strings in local StatusVector's memory, i.e. no lost string args
  7. Output hex constants from IDL as hex in C++/Pascal, avoiding for example -1 instead 0xFFFFFFFF
  8. Fixed CORE-6264: gbak with PIPE to stdout: invalid content if use '-se :service_mgr' command switch
  9. Fixed CORE-6230: Unable to connec with database if security.db reference is removed from databases.conf file
  10. Fixed CORE-5364: gfix -online normal (being issued in window #1) does not produce error when there is sysdba attachment in window #2
  11. Fixed unregistered bug: error handling in main server loop was broken
  12. Fixed CORE-6283: isNullable() in message metadata, returned by metadata builder, does not match with datatype set by setType() in metadata Improved gbak code to ensure better compatibility with engine
  13. Improvements for older engines are also included though full compatibility is still missing.
  14. Fixed CORE-6294: Negative 128-bit integer constants are not accepted in DEFAULT clause
  15. Fixed tests in TCS 16.Partial fix for CORE-6157: Firebird.pas : avoid use of awk and grep to build target
Documentation & examples
  1. Added missing methods/interfaces to documentation
  2. Added a sample of authentication plugin based on shared secret key, that plugin makes it not needed to pass login/password in execute statement on external when installed on all servers involved in data exchange
  3. Reworked posix build & install scripts to work with new schema of placing sample lugins into binary packages.
  4. Added sample of changing returned by engine metadata and using changed metadata to execute statements.
Alex Peshkov
Yaroslavl, Russia