June to August 2020


  1. New implementation of class MetaName - both saves RAM (seriously) &  improves performance (a little, during prepare phase).
  2. Implemented CORE-6342: add explicit basic type for high precision numerics - INT128.
  3. Implemented CORE-5085: allow to fixup (nbackup) database via Services API.
  4. Reorganized builting functions imlementing hashes for table lookup vs. hashes for cryptographic purposes.
Bug Fixes
  1. Fixed relocation of firebird binaries on MacOS.
  2. Fixed CORE-6329: fixed overflow if DPB/SPB version 1 clumplets when using long authentication data (like in Windows SSPI). 
  3. Fixed CORE-6337: FB4 beta2 regression, SubType information is lost when calculating arithmetic expressions. 
  4. Fixed CORE-6345: server crashes on overflow of division result.
  5. Fixed CORE-6348: FB3.0.6 regression - wire compression causes freezes. 
  6. Fixed a number of builtin functions to make them work correctly with high precision datatypes (int128 & decfloat). 
  7. Fixed CORE-6356: ROUND() does not allow second argument >=1 when its first argument is more than MAX_BIGINT / 10.
  8. Fixed CORE-6355: TRUNC() does not accept second argument = -128.
  9. Fixed CORE-6147: wrong SQL script when extracting global mappings.
  10. Fixed CORE-6360: engine may hang due to races when starting crypt hread and simultaneous shutdown.
  11. Fixed CORE-6362: improved diags (in firebird.log) when login fails due to missing security context.
  12. Fixed CORE-6302/CORE-6303: use of new datatypes in array columns.
  13. Fixed CORE-6367: segfault when receiving malformed packet from network.
  14. Fixed CORE-6371: server crash on shutdown in case of wrong reference counting in UDR.
  15. Fixed CORE-6377: unable to restore database with tables using GENERATED ALWAYS AS IDENTITY columns.
  16. Fixed CORE-6387: invalid error handling in chacha plugin cause client crash.
  17. Fixed CORE-6388: assertion when closing event thread at client.
  18. Fixed CORE-6392: invalid handling of paths with whitespaces in services API.
Alex Peshkov
Yaroslavl, Russia