September to December 2021

1. FB4 Activities:

  • Released firebird 4.0.1, ensured stable android build process for arm64.

2. Bugfixes:

  • Fixed #6945: Segfault in batch interface when gbak restores DB with a lot of blobs over the wire
  • Fixed #6967: PIO_read / PIO_write may falsely return success in a case when block was read / written incompletely
  • Fixed #6978: FB4 build fails on big endian
  • Fixed #6947: Query to mon$ tables does not return data when the encryption/decryption thread is running
  • Fixed #7036: Unexpected messages 'Missing security context ...' in firebird.log
  • Fixed #7025: Results of negation must be the same for each datatype (smallint / int /bigint / int128) when argument is least possible value for this type ixed #7043: Wrong message when user has no access to /tmp/firebird
  • Fixed #6966: Status vector for execute statement() is unstable if another execute block with correct statement was executed before. Affects only LINUX builds in Classic mode.
  • Fixed #6963: grant references not working
  • Fixed #7060: Deadlock when execute test for CORE-4337
  • Fixed #7065: Connection hangs after delivery of 2**32 - 1 packets when encypting wire with chacha plugin
  • Fixed #7066: Server may send incorrect specific data to client when establishing encrypted connection
  • Fixed #7067: Deadlock when using not initialized security database
  • Fixed #7069: Errors in chacha plugin displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed #7080: Executing batch crashes server

3. New features & enhancements:

  • Implemented #6954: fb_info_protocol_version support
  • Implemented #6959: add IBatch::getInfo() call
  • Enhancement: Enhanced control on the size of available batch buffers when restoring database ensures never getting isc_batch_too_big error

4. Big work in progress

  • Shared (between SS attachments) metadata cache, done in 2021 - ensured correct encapsulation of metadata cache (making it easier t move between attachment / database level).
    N.B. done in separate git branch "metacache".

Alex Peshkov
Yaroslavl, Russia