Free seminars in Moscow (October 21, 2015) and Prague (November 13, 2015)

Firebird Project invites developers and administrators of big Firebird databases to the free seminar devoted to big Firebird databases: optimization, replication, high availability, backups, and maintenance.
Sponsors of these seminars are Moscow Exchange (Platinum sponsor), IBSurgeon and IBPhoenix.

This seminar requires an invitation. If you have a Firebird database more than 200Gb in size, please send us the request (name of attendee, company name, database size, Firebird version and how do you use the system). We will confirm or decline your application shortly. Please send your requests asap, since there is not so much time left and seats are limited.

Speakers at the seminar are Dmitry Yemanov, Firebird Lead developer, Alexey Kovyazin (IBSurgeon) and Dmitry Kuzmenko (IBSurgeon).

Topics of the seminar
  1. Backup of big databases
    1. Types and peculiarities of backups
    2. Methods to speed up backup process
    3. Backups verification and reliable strategies of backups
    4. Backing up databases running in virtual machines
  2. High availability and replication
    1. Replication types in Firebird, current and future
    2. Theory and practice of replication
    3. Scaling and clustering
    4. High availability solutions
  3. Optimization of big databases
    1. Analysis of 1Tb production database structure: typical problems of big databases
    2. Main bottlenecks in big databases
    3. Indices at huge tables: depth and page size
    4. Optimal configuration parameters for big databases
    5. Improvements for big databases in Firebird 3

Date and place

November 13, 2015, Prague, Czech Republic, Hotel Extol Inn


Please ask you questions and submit the request for the seminar to Alexey Kovyazin.