Appendix FSecurity tables

The names of the security tables have SEC$ as prefix. They display data from the current security database. These tables are virtual in the sense that before access by the user, no data is recorded in them. They are filled with data at the time of user request. However, the descriptions of these tables are constantly present in the database. In this sense, these virtual tables are like tables of the MON$-family used to monitor the server.

  • SYSDBA, users with the RDB$ADMIN role in the security database and the current database, and the owner of the security database have full access to all information provided by the security tables.

  • Regular users can only see information on themselves, other users are not visible.


These features are highly dependent on the user management plugin. Keep in mind that some options are ignored when using a legacy control plugin users.

List of security tables

Lists users and roles granted the CREATE DATABASE privilege


Information about global authentication mappings

Section F.3, “SEC$USERS

Lists users in the current security database


Additional attributes of users


Lists users and roles granted the CREATE DATABASE privilege.

Column NameData TypeDescription



Name of the user or role



Type of user:

8 - user 13 - role