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Document Management Solutions for Businesses
Moderator contact: [email protected]
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About company

Watermark Technologies is a leading provider of Document Management Solutions and offer a powerful system to manage and store documents electronically. Hundreds of businesses worldwide enjoy the simple and easy to use DMS that we provide as it saves them time and money.

Index free, global solution

Watermark design and create software products that revolutionise offices world-wide, helping organisations manage, store, access and share their documents. We developed our document management software, Volume, to be easy to learn and simple to deploy within teams, across departments and for multi-site use. Volume is index free making it more flexible and scale-able than alternatives.

Latest web-based products

Our latest developments include Papercloud, which provides secure, online access to your documents held in Volume. We offer a hosted cloud service called VolumeRemote.  

We write our own software using a team of experts. Watermark has been providing businesses within highly regulated sectors such as the Financial Sector, for over 10 years and we offer:
  • Independent, respected market-leading software development company with thousands of users world-wide.
  • A dedicated training and support team as well as regular online webinar training sessions to ensure that you get maximum benefit from your software.
  • Web portals for controlled and secure client and field staff access to documents using tablets, PC’s and mobile devices.
  • Cloud hosted service for secure, safe storage and access to your documents, held in Volume, anytime, anywhere.

Business needs

For our system, we needed a multi-user database system that was easy to install, low on resource usage and also easy to maintain. This is so that customers can install our system and get on with their day to day work without worrying about usage or administration.

For the bulk of our clients, the general problem is how store electronic documents in an efficient way that is easy to use. Standard methods of doing this result in vast amounts of resources required to store the documents (due to the fact that they are mainly scanned images) and time wasted in searching for the document when it is required at a later stage. Additionally, the software needed to be cost effective as DMS is a highly competitive market.


Firebird helped resolve the issues in several ways. It is easy to configure, which allows the end user to ‘install and forget’ our system as no additional configuration is required. This means that we can include Firebird as part of the initial install and, in most cases, the end user does not even realise that a Database Management System is being installed with the product.

Due to the way that Firebird manages the database, it is very efficient when searching and produces lightning quick responses, even on large databases. This can save on man hours and of course, is more cost effective to businesses because of this.

With Firebird’s inbuilt tools, we have been able to provide a simple console for IT administrators to perform the minor administration required (backups etc).

Finally, as Firebird is open source, it helps keep the cost of the overall product down which means that in our market, we have a slight edge as we can charge less than our competitors.

Technical description

Our product, Volume, is currently using Firebird 2.1.3. It can be installed on any Windows operating system from Windows XP onwards. We do not support Linux or MAC OS.

Minimum system requirements (server): Pentium 4 processor (or equivalent) 1Gb RAM and 20Gb Hard disk (for small numbers of users).

Average install is for a 10 users in a single business but we have clients with between 3 and 110 users each.

Database sizes can vary but anything up to 500Gb is common. Our average client database however is approx 15-20 Gb.
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Talk to us and we will take you through the options available. For more information call Tim Boggie on 01274 535090 or email [email protected]

Watermark Technologies Ltd
Unit 5, Quayside House,
Salts Mill Road
BD18 3ST