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Name, Title and Company : ¿Hoy Qué Hay?.info
Opinion : ¿Hoy Qué Hay?.info is a local events startup growing fast in Latin-America. Information about concerts, parties, theater etc. Technologies used are Firebird SQL, C#, ASP.NET MVC. Reasons for choosing Firebird are: open-source, cross-platform, high performance and easy administration.
Name, Title and Company : Kevin Morris, Director of JETLYT Corporation
Opinion : I have been using Interbase since late 90s and Firebird since it was open sourced. SQL standards compliant, very fast, even on small servers, super reliable. A mission critical Firebird DB I built survived a server with a cracked motherboard that caused 200 blue screen/auto hard reboots over a period of four days. IT team finally found the problem changed out the motherboard and the Firebird DB hummed along just fine (no corruption). Largest DB I built: 12 GB, one third of a billion records (every elevation of 1KM intersections of the surface of planet Earth). Small early 2000 technology server produced 200 look ups per second. Very impressive on that tiny hardware. Most number of users on one Firebird app I built: 600 with about 250 concurrent connections. (Military application)
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