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About us

Streamsoft is a software company. For 25 years we have been delivering solutions to trading, service or production companies. Creating our products we focus on utility, intuitiveness. Our products must have clear interface and support business processes. Long-term presence of our company in the market of software which supports the work of companies made that our products are continuously developed based on new technologies and valuable suggestions of our customers. Our key product is the ERP system STREAMSOFT Prestiz. STREAMSOFT Prestiz is used every day by more than 5 000 customers throughout the country.

The current version of the STREAMSOFT Prestiz supports the database engine of Firebird 2.1 and Firebird 2.5.

Business challenge

The company specializes in the wholesale and retail of building materials. It consists of 12 wholesale branches and 6 retail branches throughout Poland, and employs about 300 people.

For the customer, it is important that the ERP system and its database must be:
  • efficient
  • guaranteed safe and stable work


Our client uses the STREAMSOFT Prestz based on Firebird database server 2.5. The software is installed on a terminal server that is located in the Data Center. Employees connect to the server via VPN and then RDP. Communication between the software, and the database (which is located on a server running Linux Debian) takes place via the LAN network.

Technical details
  • 150 — number of end user stations
  • 100 GB — the size of the database managed by STREAMSOFT Prestiz
  • 4 000 — the number of documents recorded every day
  • Approximately 88 000 — the number of documents recorded in a month


Our experience with the Firebird database engine is very positive. First of all, meet the needs of our customers and it is our top priority. A big plus is the performance of the database. Other pluses are that it is free, trouble-free and provides a stable platform for our system STREAMSOFT Prestiz.

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