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Firebird is used by approximately 1 million of software developers worldwide. High compatibility with industry standards on many fronts makes Firebird the obvious choice for developing interoperable applications for homogeneous and hybrid environments.
August 26, 2019
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Firebird Conference 2019: Sessions about very large databases
Firebird Conference 2019 will take place very soon: October 17-19! Today we start to publish announces of the interesting sessions, and the first announcement will be about sessions devoted to the big databases: 

Holger Klemt, IBExpert
Behind the scenes of a very big project
  • 180 replicated database server nodes, 1.1 billion records, 2.5 million new daily records, 350GB database size
  • Technologies we use: FB25, FB30, Windows, Linux, virtual machines
  • Hybrid Cloud Architecture, best of both worlds ...
  • Why not run everything in the cloud?
  • Hardware and Software we like to use
  • Synchronizing metadata and data for all these databases
  • How to process async multi-master replication requirements
  • Basics for database design

Roman Simakov, RedSoft
RedDatabase in the Enterprise: 3Tb database with 2000 connections with 99,9% availability

RedDatabase is an enterprise-ready database system. It is included in the list of software permitted to be used in Russian government systems and has a security certificate. There are a lot of installations in different types of information systems. This session will talk about several ones.
The flagship project of Red Soft which uses RedDatabase is the information system of the Federal Bailiff Service (FBS). One of the important tasks for the FBS system is the exchange of documents with other services such as banks. Availability of the database must be at least 99.9%. In this talk, we will describe the design of the applications and databases. You will see the solutions for real-world problems on real-world examples:

  • database size is 3 TB
  • the database has tables with 12 columns and contains up to 1.5 billion records.
  • every day about 3 million new records are inserted or updated
  • each table has a foreign key with BIGINT data type. A query with search by this key takes less than 100 ms.
  • about 2000 clients concurrently use the database.
We will also describe several other solutions as well.

Alexey Kovyazin, IBSurgeon
Tuning Linux and Firebird for 660Gb database and 1500 connections

The session will be devoted to the practical steps which were taken to optimize several real-world high-load systems, with databases size up to 660Gb and 1500 users in peak, running on Linux.

We will also discuss the hardware choice and problems, related to Virtual Machines, popular mistakes in the setup of the high-performance system, reasons for various Firebird mistakes, and the logic behind the OS and firebird.conf settings.
As a final step, we will present the check-list for building the high-performance system with Linux and Firebird.

Don't miss Firebird Conference 2019 in Berlin (Oct 17-19)!


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