June to September 2019
September 2019
New development:
  • Ported the fast DBKEY range scan support to the v3/v4 codebase
  • Ported the TRUNCATE TABLE patch to the v4 codebase
  • Replication monitoring support (work in progress)
  • Implemented the relaxed rules to use expression indices for partially matched expressions

Vacation (3 weeks)

New development:
  • Fixed system-level error reporting broken during refactoring
  • CORE-6104: incorrect error is thrown when an embedded user does not have SELECT permissions
  • CORE-6097: connection does not see itself in the MON$ tables

New Developement
  • Implemented refetch-after-sort optimization
  • Fixed replication journal recovery after primary’s crash
  • CORE-6090: Blobs may suddenly set to NULLs during update after a table format change
  • CORE-6089: Blobs are unnecessarily copied after table format change
  • CORE-6086: Creation of some large procedure crashes the server (assisted by Vlad Khorsun)
Dmitry Yemanov
Penza, Russia