October 2019 to February 2020
February 2020
New development:
  • Replication: protection against conflicts during journal replay
  • Replication: check for invalid transaction IDs
  • Replication: minor refactoring
  • Fixed empty routine name reported in the "object-in-use" error during DROP command
  • Take care about NULLs before calling MOV_compare()
  • Fixed CORE-6216: request size limit exceeded when selecting from a table with large number of indicies
January 2020
New development:
  • Docs & release management for v3.0.5
  • Replication: savepoint undo optimization
  • Postfix for CORE-6236: RDB package has wrong privilege for PUBLIC
  • Attempted to solve hangs in CS related to monitoring initialization
December 2019
  • Fixed regression for test core_0053.fbt
  • Fixed races during shared memory re-attach
  • Corrected Vlad's solution for CORE-4680
  • Fixed the optimizer regression related to sorting vs compound indices
  • Fixed some warnings in the GPRE-generated code
  • Fixed inconsistency between attachment/transaction states and their request states
  • Some fixes and minor refactoring for the TPC cache code
November 2019

New Developement
  • Replication: verbosity improvements
  • Replication: avoid races during BEGIN BACKUP
  • Replication: Disable replication for external pool management commands
  • Fixed possible usage of the new (but then rolled back) format
October 2019

  • Fixed CORE-6171: No current record for fetch operation with queries with aggregated subselect
  • Fixed crash when multiple replicas are configured on the slave
  • Fixed races during attach/detach to the monitoring shared file

Dmitry Yemanov
Penza, Russia