July to September 2020
September 2020
New development:
  • Refactored internal savepoint handling (completed)
  • Reset the replication stream ID after nbackup restore/fixup
  • Misc replication improvements
  • CORE-6411: crash while creating a table with many (>5460) fields
  • Fixed replication regressions after merging the pull request by Dimitry Sibiryakov
  • v3.0.7 documentation
August 2020
New development:
  • CORE-6300 (next attachment/statement ID) and some other additions to the MON$ tables
  • Refactored internal savepoint handling (WIP)
  • Preserve segment boundaries while replicating blobs
  • CORE-6382: Triggers accessing a table prevent concurrent DDL command from dropping that table
  • Avoid replication of empty (read-only) transactions
  • Fixed memory leak in the replication code
  • Reworked re-attaching the shared memory after its concurrent deletion
July 2020
New Developement
  • Code simplification and better overflow protection inside isc_*_info routines
  • Frontported (to v4) the forgotten part of the optimizer fix
  • Fixed broken metadata storage in replication blocks
  • Better protection from replication primary crashes (with assistance of Andrey Kravchenko)
  • Added (limited) protection from exceptions raised from inside JRD_shutdown_database

Dmitry Yemanov
Penza, Russia