January to March 2021
March 2021
New development:
  • WIP: In-place ODS upgrade
  • WIP: Better optimization of EXISTS/IN subqueries
  • CORE-6529: Error 'no current record for fetch operation' when sorting by an international string
February 2021
New Developement
  • CORE-6497: Synchronous replication to localhost hangs on disconnect
  • Added -replica switch to gbak
  • Added all replication features to the Services API
  • Replication: report misconfiguration to the log file rather than directly to the user
  • Replication: validate configured directories before accessing them
  • WIP: better optimization of EXISTS/IN subqueries
  • CORE-6486: FETCH RELATIVE has an off by one error for the first row
  • CORE-6487: FETCH ABSOLUTE and RELATIVE beyond bounds of cursor should always position immediately before-first or after-last
  • CORE-6478: gbak discards replica mode
January 2021
New Developement
  • CORE-6474: Report replica mode through isc_database_info, MON$ and SYSTEM context
  • Some changes in the replication protocol internals
  • Increased the request size limit
  • WIP: better optimization of EXISTS/IN subqueries
  • Fixed mistake on the ODS number for the crypt plugin field
  • Fixed the regression introduced while resolving CORE-6248
  • v4.0 RC1 release and documentation
Dmitry Yemanov
Penza, Russia