October 2018 to January 2019

January 2019

  • Fixed CORE-5972 - External engine trigger crashing server if table had a computed field.
  • Fixed assertions with trunc(current_timestamp) and trunc(current_time).
  • Fixed CORE-5986 - Incorrect evaluation of NULL IS [NOT] {FALSE | TRUE}.
  • Testing CORE-5983.
  • Changed travis dist to use Ubuntu xenial

December 2018

  • Make appveyor fail when build script fails.
  • Investigating CORE-5848 and CORE-5901
  • Verifying CORE-5895. No action to be done.
  • Improvement CORE-5887 - Allow the use of management statements in PSQL blocks.
  • Port CVT2_compare_priority from work/time-zone-support to fix regression in 3acc93f.
  • - Fixed CORE-5896 - NOT NULL constraint is not synchronized after rename column.
  • Fixed CORE-1592 - Altering procedure parameters can lead to unrestorable database.

November 2018

  • Rebasing time zone support branch against latest master and fixing tests.
  • Time zone for MON$ timestamp fields.
  • Working in CORE-5395 with Dmitry.
  • Working on CORE-1326 - custom aggregate functions.
  • Documentation for CORE-5887 (Allow the use of management statements in PSQL blocks).
  • Documentation for CORE-5768 (Implement FILTER-clause for aggregate functions).

October 2018

  • Working on CORE-1326 - custom aggregate functions.
  • Feature CORE-5768 - FILTER-clause for aggregate functions.
  • CORE-5940 discussion and similar problem in fb-devel about multi-level/multi-segmented indices.
Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
Sao Paulo, Brazil