September to December 2020

Septembe 2020

master branch
  • Fixed CORE-6397 - Message length error with COALESCE and TIME/TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONE and WITH TIME ZONE.
  • Working on a PSQL Profile API.
  • Verified problem with cast('NOW' as timestamp) reported by Vlad.
  • Fixed CORE-6403 - Some PSQL statements may lead to exceptions report wrong line/column.


master branch
  • Working on a PSQL Profile API.
  • Fixed CORE-6414 - Error message "expected length N, actual M" contains wrong value of M when charset UTF8 is used in the field declaration of a table.
  • Fixed CORE-6415 - Error message "malformed string' is issued instead of "expected: N, actual : M" when UTF-8 charset is used and default value for declared column is greater than this column length.
  • Fixed CORE-6419 - Truncation of strings to put in MON$ tables do not work correctly.
  • Fixed CORE-6421 - Parameter in offset expression in LAG, LEAD, NTH_VALUE window functions requires explicit cast to BIGINT or INTEGER.
  • Fixed CORE-6427 - Whitespace as date separator causes conversion error.
  • Fixed CORE-6429 - Timezone offset in timestamp/time literal and CAST should follow SQL standard syntax only.
  • Fixed CORE-6408 - RETURNING clause in MERGE cannot reference column in aliased target table using qualified reference (alias.column) if DELETE action present.
3.0 branch
  • Postfix for CORE-6358 to avoid error in restore.


master branch
  • .Working on a SQL Profile API.
  • Fixed CORE-6438 - ISQL: bad headers when text columns has >= 80 characters.
  • Analysis of proposed fix for CORE-6440.
  • Fixed CORE-6453 - EXECUTE STATEMENT fails on FB 4.x if containing time/timestamp with time zone parameters.
Working on Jira tracker migration to GitHub issues


master branch.
  • Working on a SQL Profile API.
Working on Jira tracker migration to GitHub issues

Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
Sao Paulo, Brazil