June to September 2019
  1.  Added new datatype used as underlying datatype for Numeric(38) - 128-bit integer. It's fast replacement of decfloat previously used for that purporse, and due to much better performance makes it possible to use high precision numerics for intermediate and final results when working with BIGINTs.
  2. Fixed CORE-5696/CORE-5697: decfloat literals work wrong
  3. Fixed CORE-6083: USING PLUGIN clause does not work in RECREATE USER
  4. Fixed CORE-6061: Building with --with-builtin-tommath doesn't work
  5.  Fixed CORE-6078: Permissions for create or alter statements are not checked
  6. Fix for CORE-6072: make firebird always work with security database from databases.conf
  7. Fixed CORE-6091: Errors when processing correct SQL statements in engine12 provider loaded by FB4 server
  8. Fixed CORE-5784: Lock folder inizialization is not multi-process safe
  9. Fixed CORE-6134: Win_Sspi in the list of auth plugins leads message about failed login to be changed (from 'Your user name and password are not defined...' to 'Missing security context ...')
  10. Implemented CORE-6048: Provide ability to see current state of DB encryption
  11. Fixed CORE-6143: Error 'Multiple maps found for ...' is raised in not appropriate case
  12. Authentication block, received by client plugin from engine, might contain trash
  13.  (not related with soft, but highly related with foundation) - activity required to help RedSoft become our sponsor and be OK with Russian laws
Alex Peshkov
Yaroslavl, Russia