September to December 2020

Most of the September quarter 2020 was dedicated to polishing of FB4 preparing for RC1.

Bug Fixes, a few also backported to FB3:

  1. Fixed CORE-6398: Error converting string with hex representation of integer to smallint
  2. Fixed CORE-6396: Unknown tag (0) in isc_svc_query() results
  3. Fixed CORE-6412: Firebird is freezing when trying to manage users via triggers
  4. Fixed CORE-6425: Exception in client library in IAttachment::createBatch()
  5. Make sample of key holder plugin partially usable when chaining plugins
  6. Fixed issues with security database name configuration parameter related to RDB$CONFIG table
  7. Fixed CORE-6432: Possible buffer overflow in client library in Attachment::getInfo() call
  8. Security issue -  avoid negative offsets (i.e. getting out of allocated buffer) in case of malformed network packet
  9. Fixed CORE-6433: Server crash when calling UDR from execute statement
  10. Fixed CORE-6441: Srp plugin keeps connection after database has been removed for ~10 seconds.
  11. Fixed CORE-6450: Races in cache of opened security databases
  12. Fixed CORE-5197: Segfault when process exits with active sweep thread
  13. Fixed CORE-6023: FB4 unable to overwrite older ods database
Generic cleanup and tests:
  1. Code cleanup: avoid various gcc warnings.
  2. Code cleanup: removed dispose() and release() from most of interfaces implementations.
  3. Fixed some tests in TCS
Porting issues, mostly FB3:
  1. Fixed ARM64/linux build.
  2. Fixed arm-32 (Raspberry Pi, linux) build.
  3. Fixed android (NDK 13) build.
Alex Peshkov
Yaroslavl, Russia