January 2022 to January 2023

Completed tasks:

  1. Improved security in users mapping cache - cache was not flashed when database dropped and recreated, therefore old settings might affect new clean database, also new setting from restored database did not take effect.
  2. Fixed issues related with batch network protocol, related first of all with errors-return.
  3. Fixed very old problem with incorrect uppercasing of extremely specific (like abc"def - i.e. double-quote in the middle) user names.
  4. Fixed 'order by' for big (>34 digits) int128 values when index on that field is used.
  5. A few fixes for '-icu' switch in gfix utility.
  6. Improved services manager when working with long text lines without timeout (needed for some trace plugins).
  7. Fixed a number of hangs/segfaults/memleaks, including caused by MT races. (There was a lot of them - people started active use of FB4 in production and as always that manifests hidden problems.)
  8. Make trace report a reason of failed DB attachment as early as possible.
  9. Fixed conflict between MON$ and DB encryption thread - currently one can use MON$DATABASE to monitor encryption progress.
  10. Make ability to add comment to mapping ('COMMENT ON MAPPING ... IS ...').
  11. Fixed snapshots in Classic / SuperClassic on Linux.
  12. Enabled trace of events in system attachments.
  13. Fixed Solaris port.
  14. Fixed client side aliases in databases.conf (worked long ago in aliases.conf).
  15. Watched for fbtcs correctness.

Ongoing task

  • shared metadata cache, unfortunately slow progress, first of all due to many errors to fix.

Alex Peshkov
Yaroslavl, Russia