March to May 2020
Activities for period
  • Released Jaybird 4.0.0 and 3.0.9
  • Worked on Jaybird manual
  • Migrated firebird-java mailing list to Google Groups removed JCA support from Jaybird 5 (JDBC-618)
  • Removed Java 7 support from Jaybird 5 (JDBC-614)
  • Migrated Jaybird 5 build to Gradle (JDBC-420)
  • Various refactoring and cleanup in Jaybird 5
  • Implemented minimal support for extended TIME(STAMP) WITH TIME ZONE (JDBC-611)
  • Implemented SPI to be able to load Firebird Embedded from classpath (JDBC-533)   
  • Other issues worked on: JDBC-386, JDBC-509, JDBC-564, JDBC-610, JDBC-612, JDBC-616, JDBC-617, JDBC-619, JDBC-620, JDBC-623
Planned/expected activities
  • Working on Jaybird manual
  • Working on new asynchronous Firebird driver for Java using the R2DBC API
  • Identifying way forward with TIME ZONE types due to inconsistent and confusing behaviour of named zones
  • Releasing Jaybird 4.0.1
  • Jaybird 5 developemnt
Mark Rotteveel
Delft, The Netherlands