April to August 2021
Activities for period
  • Redesign of connection properties handling in Jaybird (jdp-2020-10 and jdp-2021-01)
       - Must of the work done, now finishing up database 'coordinates'
  • Working on new asynchronous Firebird driver for Java using the R2DBC API (r2dbc-firebird)
      - Currently stalled
  • Added support for NBackup GUID backup and in-place restore (jaybird#672) 
    - Added support for NBackup fixup and preserve sequence option (jaybird#673)
  • Other issues worked on: jaybird#37, jaybird#671
  • Declared Jaybird 3 end-of-updates by the end of 2021, one more release expected: 3.0.12 (if there are any issues to be fixed)
Planned/expected activities
  • Jaybird 4 bugfixes
  • Jaybird 5 development
    - Finish implementation of new design for connection properties handling
    - Add support for batch API
  • Working on r2dbc-firebird
Mark Rotteveel
Delft, The Netherlands