September to December 2021
Activities for period
  • Released Jaybird 4.0.4, 4.0.5, and 3.0.12 (Jaybird 3 is now end-of-life)
  • Released firebird-testcontainers-java 1.2.0
  • Released jaybird-fbclient
  • Finished redesign of connection properties handling in Jaybird (jdp-2020-10 and jdp-2021-01)
  • Replaced Travis CI build with GitHub Action, and enabled testing as part of GitHub Actions
  • Implemented ChaCha wire encryption (jaybird#644)
  • Implemented support for multi-row `RETURNING` (jaybird#675)
  • Switched to default to stream blobs in Jaybird 5 (jdp-2021-02, jaybird#679)
  • Replaced statement parser for generated keys support (jaybird#680)
  • Added Jakarta EE 9 support for native resource unloading (jaybird#684)
  • Implemented timeout support for `Connection#isValid(int)` (jaybird #685)
  • Worked/experimented on scrollable cursor support (no ticket as of yet)
  • Announced dropping support for Firebird 2.5 in Jaybird 6 (jdp-2021-03)
  • Other issues worked on: jaybird#597, jaybird#646, jaybird#674, jaybird#676, jaybird#677, jaybird#678

Planned/expected activities

  • Jaybird 4 bugfixes
  • Jaybird 5 development
  • Finish implementation of scrollable cursors
  • Add support for batch API
  • Working on r2dbc-firebird

Mark Rotteveel
Delft, The Netherlands