February to May 2019

February 2019
  • Found / reported bugs: CORE-6000
  • Found / reported regression for CORE-4285 / CORE-1812
  • Created / modified QA tests for 15 tracker tickets
  • OLTP-EMUL: improved evaluation of delay before loading subsequent ISQL
  • Benchmark performance when gbak / fbsvcmgr output is passed to compressor using PIPE mechanism
March 2019
  • Created / modified QA tests for 8 tracker tickets
  • OLTP-EMUL: benchmark 3.0.5 on database with size 150 gb
  • OLTP-EMUL: multiple changes related to correctness of report "Performance per MINUTE."
  • Found / reported that numbers not representable in double precision datatype are show as zeroes when SET DECFLOAT TRAPS is set to INEXACT
April 2019
  • Created / modified QA tests for 20 tracker tickets
  • OLTP-EMUL: continued refactoring
  • OLTP-EMUL on WI-T4.0.0.1500: detected reproducible crashes
  • Firebird TestBox VM: added encryption plugin from IBSurgeon to run related QA tests
  • Found / reported trouble with installing FB 4.0 Beta1 on CentOS-7.6.1810: got "libtomcrypt.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"
May 2019
  • Created / modified QA tests for 5 tracker tickets
  • OLTP-EMUL, FB 3.x: dozen runs in order to catch crashes of FB in MetadataFromBlr (requested by Alex Peshkov)
  • OLTP-EMUL (.bat and .sh): added code for gathering hardware info about host where test was run
  • OLTP-EMUL: generated 3 databases with size 100+ Gb, for FB 2.5, 3.0 and 4.0 (to be used in further tests)
  • OLTP-EMUL, test run: 150 connections, >24h; FB 2.5 CS
  • Misc improvements on the Firebird TestBox VM

Pavel Zotov
Moscow, Russian Federation