October 2019 to January 2020

January 2020
  • Created / modified QA tests for > 30 tracker tickets
  • Found / reported bugs: CORE-6218, CORE-6223, CORE-6227, CORE-6238
  • Reported inconsistencies in FB 4.0 (Srp vs Legacy) while refactored old test for CORE-4766
  • Reported ACTION_TRACE_STOP not forcing the trace log to be fully written (flushed) to disk
  • Reported significant time degradation in test runs for Srp as compared to LegacyAuth
  • Found bug in FDB driver: Transaction::execute_immediate() method does not send the SQL dialect properly
  • Reported the fix for CORE-6236 being incomplete
  • Found regressions in fixes for CORE-4135 and CORE-5974
  • Multiple improvements in the fbt-cross-report package
December 2019
  • Created / modified QA tests for >30 tracker tickets
  • Adjusted serveral old tests related to optimizer by Dmitry Yemanov's request
  • Found / reported bugs: CORE-6204, CORE-6211
  • fbt-cross-report: continued implementing
  • Reported FB crash caused by 'gfix -shut full -force 0 localhost:'
  • Refactored rundaily.bat: check for FB crashes and create backtraces in this case
November 2019
  • Created / modified QA tests for 10 tracker tickets
  • Found / reported bugs: CORE-6182, CORE-6183, CORE-6185, CORE-6186, CORE-6187, CORE-6196
  • Reported SC hanging during the database shutdown under high load
  • Compared performance for database in normal vs locked (by nbackup) modes
  • Checked cursor behavior (stable vs unstable) when used in positioned updates
  • Reported "gstat -r" causing "Unexpected end of DB file" when DB is in backup-lock state
  • Reported several queries with FULL SCANs causing the time of backup to significantly increase
  • Reported the engine continuously trying to attach to a database in the full shutdown mode
  • fbt-cross-report: initial development
October 2019
  • Created / modified QA tests for 18 tracker tickets
  • Re-checked known SIMILAR TO problems against the new 're2' library implementation
  • Reported problem with test for CORE-6097 when system locale differs from 419 (russian)
  • Error encountered when creating a sequence starting with value greater than 2^31-1 (probably FDB driver bug)

Pavel Zotov
Moscow, Russian Federation