September to December 2021

September - 0 hours. Indirectly, working on firebird-driver to add features and fix issues that prevent further progress with QA.

October - 64 hours. fixed all fixable Linux and Windows isql tests for 3.0.7, and started to fix test for 4.0.

November - 136 hours. fixed isql-based test for 4.0. processed 198 from 450 Python tests stubs we have in our new test repository. I was able to
re-implement 185 tests, as 13 are not possible to implement for various reasons.

December - 152 hours. Finished reimplemention of tests for bugs, and reimplemented 51 functional tests. Fetched fbtest tests changed / added
since 28th April 2021 (123 commits), made fresh conversion and updated / added new QA tests as needed.

Pavel Cisar
Prague, Czech Republic