Available inPSQL




In a WHEN …​ DO error handling block, the GDSCODE context variable contains the numerical representation of the current Firebird error code. Prior to Firebird 2.0, GDSCODE was only set in WHEN GDSCODE handlers. Now it may also be non-zero in WHEN ANY, WHEN SQLCODE, WHEN SQLSTATE and WHEN EXCEPTION blocks, provided that the condition raising the error corresponds with a Firebird error code. Outside error handlers, GDSCODE is always 0. Outside PSQL, it doesn’t exist at all.


After WHEN GDSCODE, you must use symbolic names like grant_obj_notfound etc. But the GDSCODE context variable is an INTEGER. If you want to compare it against a specific error, the numeric value must be used, e.g. 335544551 for grant_obj_notfound.


  |when gdscode grant_obj_notfound, gdscode grant_fld_notfound,
  |   gdscode grant_nopriv, gdscode grant_nopriv_on_base
  |  execute procedure log_grant_error(gdscode);
  |  exit;