An issue tracker is an application that users and developers use to maintain a database of bugs, requests for enhancement and development tasks that the project members must work to resolve. The Firebird Project uses GitHub Issues for this purpose.

Click the underneath image to access the issue tracker:
Firebird issue tracker
Sub-projects that use the issue tracker
Firebird Core
Quality Assurance
Web site
.NET Data provider
Jaybird JCA/JDBC Driver
Firebird driver for Python
ODBC Driver

We would like to encourage you to read How to Report Bugs Effeciently before you submit any bug report! Simon Tatham is not a Firebird Project member, but his article is excellent and it would be pointless to try writing a better one.

Also, make sure that the issue to be entered hasn't been reported priorly. Use the search facilities of the tracker for that purpose. Please provide as much detailed description as possible, including the hardware and software environment used to demonstrate the issue.