Becoming a Member

If you are interested in joining the FirebirdSQL Foundation, please:

  1. Read the rest of this page;
  2. Browse the Foundation's Rules of Association to ensure you understand the costs involved and your obligations as a member;
  3. Fill in and post the application form.

Your application will be considered by the Committee as soon as possible.


Eligibility to apply for membership is open to all individuals and organisations who accept and promote the objects and rules of the Association. The Committee has sole discretion to determine whether to accept an application for membership.

Types of Membership

Foundation membership is available in three types:




Type Rights Subscription
Voting Membership A Principal or Voting Member has normal voting rights at general meetings. This gives you a say in determining who are the elected officers of the Foundation and makes you eligible to stand for election as an executive officer. It also makes you eligible to be coopted onto committees which decide how Foundation funds will be disbursed. One-year subscription $300 USD
One-year subscription paid in monthly rests of $25 USD
Associate Membership An Associate or Non-voting Member can participate in general meetings and can be coopted onto committees that are not concerned with the disbursement of funds. Associate members may not vote on proposals at general meetings. They are not eligible to be nominated for election as executive officers but they can be elected as members of the committee, where they may vote on any issue except those concerned with disbursement of funds. Associate members cannot vote in the elections. One-year subscription
$50 USD
Honorary Membership Honorary memberships are assigned at the discretion of the committee to provide a conduit between the Foundation and active members of the Firebird community where such contact is considered essential. Despite the accidental connotation between the word "Honorary" and the concept of "honour", an Honorary membership is not some kind of Nobel Prize! The term "Honorary" means "free of the obligation to pay membership fees". Active members of the Firebird project development teams who are particpating in design and development decisions are always offered Honorary membership. Honorary members have the same voting rights as Voting members.

Honorary memberships become vacant when the member's activity lapses and may be resumed when the person again takes up an active role. You cannot apply for Honorary membership.
Subscription waived

Full details on membership, management and operation can be found in the Foundation's Objectives and Rules of Association.