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Third-party Tools & Drivers
Please note - we have highlighted the recommended commercial tools from Firebird Foundation sponsors.
Name Type
GUI tools for SQL development
Database Workbench Commercial
DBManager Commercial
HQbird Commercial
FireBolt Commercial
IBExpert Commercial
RazorSQL Commercial
SQL Maestro Commercial
SQLLY Studio Commercial
SQL Management Studio for InterBase/Firebird Commercial
Database.NET Commercial
RedExpert Free
Dbeaver Free
DB Explorer For Firebird Databases Free
FenixSQL Free
FlameRobin Free
FlySpeed SQL Query Free
ibWebAdmin (unmaintained) Free
SQLWorkbench Free
SquirrelSQL Free
FirebirdWebAdmin Free
Oxetta Database Explorer Free
Encryption plugins
IBSurgeon Firebird Encryption Plugin Framework Commercial
IBPhoenix Encryption Plugin for Firebird 3.0 Commercial
Import/Export Tools
Bipost Database Sync (Firebird~AWS Aurora) Commercial
EMS Advanced Data Export VCL Commercial
DBConvert Commercial
dbMigration.NET Commercial
Database Converter Commercial
dbFile Commercial
IBDataPump Free
FBExport Free
FBClone Free
Backup automation
TimeToBackup Commercial
HQBird Commercial
dbBackup Commercial
SQLServerBooster Free
HandyBackup Commercial
GBAK Scheduler Free
Monitoring tools
FBTraceManager - MON$, TraceAPI Commercial
FBMon - MON$ Commercial
HQbird - MON$, TraceAPI, lock table Commercial
Realtime Firebird Monitor - with print/export features Commercial
HQbird Commercial
IBReplicator Commercial
CopyCat suite Commercial
FBReplicator Free
Recovery tools
IBSurgeon FirstAID (to fix corrupted databases) Commercial
IBSurgeon IBUndelete (to revert deleted records) Commercial
Database statistics analysis
HQbird (IBAnalyst) Commercial
Database design
DeZign for Databases Commercial
Firebird Database Designer Commercial
xCase Commercial
ER Studio Commercial
UDF Libraries
AUDFL Library (64 bit rFunc) Free
rFunc (old) Free
FreeAdHocUDF Free
Jaybird — Firebird JDBC driver Free
jOOq Free
Firebird .NET Data provider Free
IBProvider Commercial
Other drivers
Python driver (Fbclient wrapper) Open Source
ODBC driver Open Source
Yii2 Open Source
Node.js (Pure JS) Open Source
Node.js (C++ based) Open Source
Ruby Open Source
GoLang Open Source
Erlang Open Source
Perl Open Source
IBPP Open Source 
SQLAPI++ Commercial
SOCI Open Source
Qt Open Source
Firebird 3 API Open Source
Rust Open Source
UIB Free
UniDAC Commercial
FireDAC (included into Delphi) Commercial
FibPlus Commercial
IBObjects Commercial
Report engines
Fast Reports (Delphi, .NET, Android) Commercial

Please note - we have highlighted the recommended commercial tools from Firebird Foundation sponsors.

  • Name: GUI tools for SQL development
  • Type:
  • Name: HQbird
  • Type: Commercial
  • Name: FSQL
  • Type: Free
  • Name: Import/Export Tools
  • Type:
  • Name: dbFile
  • Type: Commercial
  • Name: Backup automation
  • Type:
  • Name: Monitoring tools
  • Type:
  • Name: FBMon - MON$
  • Type: Commercial
  • Name: HQbird - MON$, TraceAPI, lock table
  • Type: Commercial
  • Name: Replication
  • Type:
  • Name: HQbird
  • Type: Commercial
  • Name: Recovery tools
  • Type:
  • Name: Database statistics analysis
  • Type:
  • Name: Database design
  • Type:
  • Name: xCase
  • Type: Commercial
  • Name: UDF Libraries
  • Type:
  • Name: Java
  • Type:
  • Name: jOOq
  • Type: Free
  • Name: .NET
  • Type:
  • Name: Other drivers
  • Type:
  • Name: Yii2
  • Type: Open Source
  • Name: Ruby
  • Type: Open Source
  • Name: GoLang
  • Type: Open Source
  • Name: Perl
  • Type: Open Source
  • Name: C++
  • Type:
  • Name: IBPP
  • Type: Open Source 
  • Name: SOCI
  • Type: Open Source
  • Name: Qt
  • Type: Open Source
  • Name: Rust
  • Type: Open Source
  • Name: Delphi/C++Builder
  • Type:
  • Name: UIB
  • Type: Free
  • Name: UniDAC
  • Type: Commercial
  • Name: Report engines
  • Type: