The .NET data provider is written in C# and provides a high-performance native implementation of the GDS32/API functions. This means that .Net developers can access Firebird databases without needing to install the Firebird client.

Project components
  • ADO.NET Data Provider
    • ADO.NET Standard classes implementation
    • Firebird GDS implementations for the Super Server, Classic Server, Embedded Server and Fyracle External Procedure Engine
    • Firebird Services API implementation
    • Firebird Events implementation
    • ISQL script support
  • Entity Framework support
    • Support for ADO.NET Entity Framework
  • ASP.NET Web Providers
    • Membership Provider
    • Profile Provider
    • Role Provider
    • Session State Store Provider
  • Data Designer Extensibility (DDEX) Provider.
    • Provides integration inside Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
  • Fyracle External Engine implementation for the .NET CLR
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