Last updated: March 2024

This document states the current development activities of the project and establishes the estimated release schedule for the foreseeable future. It gets periodically updated in order to be in line with the reality.

Stable releases

Release Series Next Version Schedule Useful Links
v5.0 (since 2024) 5.0.1 Q2 2024 Changes   |   Snapshot Builds
v4.0 (since 2021) 4.0.5 Q2 2024 Changes   |   Snapshot Builds
v3.0 (since 2016) 3.0.12 Q2 2024 Changes   |   Snapshot Builds


Firebird 6.0 Development

  • Alpha Release - Q1 2025 - IN PROGRESS
  • Beta Release - Q3 2025
  • Final Release - Q1 2026

Below are the features that are considered desirable and (hopefully) doable during the next few years. Those finished before the Beta stage will be included into the Firebird 6.0 release.

Tracker # Feature / Improvement Developer(s) Status
Major features
#5431 SQL-compliant JSON functions Artyom Abakumov PENDING PR
#1055 Support for tablespaces Roman Simakov,
Ilya Eremin
#7954 Shared metadata cache Alex Peshkov IN PROGRESS
#1115, #3031 SQL-standard compliant ROW data type Aleksey Mochalov IN PROGRESS
#1113 Support for SQL schemas Adriano dos Santos Fernandes PLANNING
Minor features and improvements
#7868 Feature SET AUTOTERM in ISQL Adriano dos Santos Fernandes COMPLETED
#7748 Allow collation to be a part of data type Dimitry Sibiryakov COMPLETED
#7718 Allow to create database with different owner Dimitry Sibiryakov COMPLETED
#7675 EXPLAIN statement and RDB$SQL package Adriano dos Santos Fernandes COMPLETED
#7617 SQL:2023 ANY_VALUE aggregate function Adriano dos Santos Fernandes COMPLETED
#7590 Improve DECLARE VARIABLE to accept complete value expressions Adriano dos Santos Fernandes COMPLETED
#7587 CALL statement Adriano dos Santos Fernandes COMPLETED
#7586 Named arguments for function call, EXECUTE PROCEDURE and procedure record source Adriano dos Santos Fernandes COMPLETED
#7566 Allow DEFAULT keyword in argument list Adriano dos Santos Fernandes COMPLETED
#4203 DROP [IF EXISTS] statement Adriano dos Santos Fernandes COMPLETED
#2388 SQL standard FORMAT clause for CAST between string types and datetime types Artyom Ivanov COMPLETED
#7709 Recursive plan output for queries involving selectable stored procedures Dmitry Yemanov IN REVIEW
#7580 Trace failed attaches

Artyom Abakumov,
Vlad Khorsun

#7110 Add CSV support for external tables Dmitry Starodubov,
Ilya Eremin
#1118 Job/task scheduler Ilya Eremin PENDING PR
n/a GREATEST and LEAST functions (SQL:2023 T054) Aleksey Chudaykin PENDING PR
n/a Optional string types maximum length (SQL:2023 T081) Alexander Zhdanov PENDING PR
n/a Underscores in numeric literals (SQL:2023 T662) Aleksey Chudaykin PENDING PR
n/a Support for user-defined messages in the trace Dmitry Starodubov PENDING PR
n/a Parallel statistics collection (GSTAT) Aleksey Mochalov PENDING PR
#7332 Remove/increase the record size limit Dmitry Yemanov IN PROGRESS
#8005 UNLIST function to decode separated values list into a record set Aleksey Chudaykin IN PROGRESS
#2892 TRUNCATE statement Dmitry Yemanov IN PROGRESS
#1036 Package-level constants Artyom Abakumov IN PROGRESS
n/a Non-decimal integer literals (SQL:2023 T661) Aleksey Chudaykin IN PROGRESS
#7973 Create iOS embedded build Alex Peshkov PLANNING
#7967 Implement a way to build an index without blocking concurrent data modifications Vlad Khorsun PLANNING
#7964, #7258 Make FOREIGN KEY constraint to use any suitable index Vlad Khorsun PLANNING
#5120 Hash/merge algorithms for outer joins Dmitry Yemanov PLANNING
#3138 Referential integrity without index Vlad Khorsun PLANNING
#2629 Ability to specify length for index segments to be indexed on char-based columns Vlad Khorsun PLANNING
#2111 Support value distribution histograms Dmitry Yemanov PLANNING
#1503 Stored optimizer statistics Dmitry Yemanov,
Vlad Khorsun
#1195 Remove context limit for stored procedures/functions/triggers as well as for user SQL queries Dmitry Yemanov PLANNING
#1095 Local temporary tables Adriano dos Santos Fernandes PLANNING
n/a Multi-source replication Dmitry Yemanov PLANNING