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Last updated: November 2015.

This document states the current development activities of the project and establishes the estimated release schedule for the foreseeable future. It's getting periodically updated in order to be in line with the reality.

The project's development resources are currently dedicated to the v2.5 and v3.0 series. Firebird v2.0 series has been discontinued in 2012, the last release in this series is Firebird 2.0.7. Firebird v2.1 series is discontinued in 2014, with Firebird 2.1.7 being the last release there.

For more details about the anticipated releases, read on.

Stable Releases

Firebird 2.5.x (initially appeared in 2010) is the only currently supported stable release series.

Series 2.5.x

Version series 2.5.x is the last one released by the project and thus it has the highest priority in terms of the bug fixing, with a maintenance cycle of two point releases per year. All kinds of bugfixes and performance improvements are possible inside its codebase, including ports to new platforms.

The latest point release currently available is v2.5.5. Explore its download location or documentation.

v2.5.6 is the next point release to come, it's scheduled for Q2 2016. Follow the "Track Details" icon for a list of bugfixes scheduled for this version.
Track details

New Development: version 3.0

Firebird 3.0 represents the project's next milestone release and it currently gets the most of the development efforts. It's going to offer some important and highly anticipated features that were promised for a long time already.

Key points:
  • Revised architecture, including new authentication and configuration subsystems;
  • Scalable (SMP/multi-core friendly) multi-threaded engine with the shared page cache;
  • New ODS (version 12) with new system and monitoring tables;
  • External (Java, C++, etc) stored procedures/triggers/functions;
  • Reworked optimizer and new data access methods;
  • Security enhancements;
  • Various SQL extensions.
  • Beta 1 has been released in November 2014;
  • Beta 2 has been released in July 2015;
  • Release Candidate 1 has been released in November 2015;
  • Release Candidate 2 is expected in December 2015.
The latest testing release is v3.0 Release Candidate 1. Daily v3.0 builds can be downloaded from the snapshot area.

Use the "Track Details" icon to discover the list of tasks currently scheduled for v3.0 Release Candidate 2.
Track details

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