IBPhoenix offers a selection of support options designed to meet the needs of Firebird databases. The offerings range from basic services, to sophisticated technical account management and contract development. We also offer Firebird related training and consulting services.

Technical support options:

Many applications would benefit from a performance, database design, debugging, or application design review. For on-site assistance to help you implement your development projects, we offer the expertise of the IBPhoenix Consulting Team.

On-Site Training

IBPhoenix offers a two to five-day comprehensive training course taught at your own location anywhere in the world, for a maximum of 12 students. On-site training is a cost-effective method of providing training to a number of employees.

Price includes training material, and instructor costs. But does not include reasonable travel and accommodation expenses.

IBPhoenix Subscription

Subscription provides you with quarterly copies of the IBPhoenix DVD, as well as a monthly newsletter containing information on bugs, bug fixes, new releases of Firebird software, and other relevant Firebird information. Subscription is available for a single annual fee.

IBPhoenix Engineering Services

IBPhoenix can provide with engineering resources to add new functionality or fix immediate problems with the Firebird source code. We can also assist you in certifying or porting Firebird to a new platform or version of an operating system.

Database Repair

IBPhoenix has tools to fix many types of corruption in both InterBase and Firebird databases.

VMware Appliances

If you want to use Firebird under Linux and integrate a Linux Firebird server into your network, using a stable Linux distribution with security updates. We can create a custom VMware Appliance for you and deliver it to you with an appropriate support contract for as long as you need it. If you want this appliance customised with other software e.g. Pentaho or Bitweaver for example, this is not a problem.

Please contact us for more information.