About IBSurgeon
IBSurgeon was founded in 2002 with the idea to provide Firebird developers and administrators with unique services and tools focused on databases safety, performance, and availability.
 HQbird is an advanced Firebird distributive for Enterprises from IBSurgeon, it includes replication, optimization, automatic maintenance, recovery and other tools.

IBSurgeon is a Platinum sponsor of Firebird Foundation and, as a member of Technical Task Group, has the strong relationship with Firebird Project, with direct representatives in Firebird-Admins and in Firebird Foundation Committee.
  • HQbird - advanced Firebird distributive with replication, optimization, automatic backups, etc
  • FirstAID - ultimate recovery tool for Firebird and InterBase
  • Firebird Encryption Plugin Framework - plugin, tools and examples for encrypting Firebird databases


Firebird database recovery service

IBSurgeon offers 2 types of recovery service: on-site and via remote desktop.
On-site recovery means that customer needs to transfer a corrupted database (archived in zip/rar/7z/etc) to IBSurgeon for recovery in the office.
Remote desktop recovery means that IBSurgeon specialists connect to the computer on customer’s side and fix Firebird database remotely.
More details: Firebird database recovery.

Optimization service

IBSurgeon offers optimization service, which includes the following:

  • Hardware and OS settings investigation
  • Firebird performance measurement, including transaction performance investigation
  • Tuning recommendations for hardware, OS, and Firebird settings
  • Firebird database indices configuration investigation
  • Maintenance recommendations (including sweep/garbage collection, backup, and transaction management).
  • SQL queries optimization
  • Licenses for HQbird Standard (valid during the service period)

More details: Firebird database performance optimization service.