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Planning Board

Last updated: March 2022

Firebird 5.0

This release is intended to be time-based rather than feature-based. Below are the features that are considered desirable and (hopefully) doable during the next few years. Those finished within the established timeframe will be included into the Firebird 5.0 release.


Milestone Deadline Status
Alpha Release (feature preview) June 2022 IN PROGRESS
Beta Release (stable enough) September 2022 IN PROGRESS
Final Release December 2022 IN PROGRESS

Features in the pipeline (to be updated)

Feature Reference(s) Developer / Assistant Status
GBAK's parallel operations CORE-2992 Vlad Khorsun  
New data access paths, subquery transformations CORE-4823 Dmitry Yemanov  
Optimizer statistics: more data (including histograms), auto-update CORE-1082,
Dmitry Yemanov / Vlad Khorsun  
TRUNCATE TABLE command CORE-2479 Dmitry Yemanov  
Tablespaces CORE-688 Roman Simakov